• Our company plans buildings and facilities of different purpose and complexity, from low-storey houses to large residential and commercial complexes .
    Work of "ArchiBoom" is composed of the following three principles: – Working out of innovative planning decisions;
    – Prognosis of building life cycle in sociocultural context;
    – Project implementation, taking into account "rules" of nature;
    – Extensive experience of our specialist-planners allows to create project and engineering documentation of high quality.

    We use the most modern methods and technologies, package of process-specialized computer programs and have licenses and permits, which are needed to plan buildings.

    Complex of services, related to object planning, consists of:
    – Development of technical specifications;
    – Schematic design;
    – Preparation of the project documentation;
    – Creation of working design;
    – Field supervision over execution of construction work.
  • Urban planning synthesizes simultaneously on several tracks –urban (city) planning, landscape design and  architecture. We study the relationship of districts of the city, city typology, ensuring simplicity and security  of movement through city space in the planning.

    Projecting phases:
    Preproject studies
    Design Planning documentation
    Engineering documentation
  • It is important, that surrounding human space –houses, flats, offices or cafes– maximally  were consistent with tasks in hand in the planning. Interiors uniqueness  is one of the key tasks. 
    Our specialists make  a wide range of work in residential and public design, as soon as architecture planning:

    - Creation of interiors concept;

    - Functional-planning decisions,

    - 3D visualization of interior,

    -Engineering documentation;
    -Selection of materials;
    -Field supervision;
    -Filling of interior with furniture, accessories and so on.
  • Landscape design is a whole art , which includes three aspects: engineering, biological and historical. Landscape design is called as well   landscape gardening. The main task of landscape design is a creation and combination of comfort, cosiness with conveniences in use of infrastructure of buildings. With landscape design  you can create a garden of your dream, not limiting your fantasy and wishes  with a little flower bed and  grass pieces. Landscaper helps you equip garden from a professional point of view,  thinking out carefully all details.
    We offer you full complex of services in planning of landscape, planting and land improvement, including urban landscape - squares,  promenades,  pedestrian zone.
  • Creation of a model is a production of preliminary model of something, which allows to imagine us what will be future product . In this way, a model is a three-dimensional  thumbnail  subject in miniature. Use of building model as exhibit  at an exhibition is the best solution to gain attention of prospective customers. But no one booklet, catalogue or other printed products are not to compare with excellent made model.
    Our company offers full range of services for the implementation of models of any complexity. Our specialists work based on drawings or photographs of the object. For the model production will be used new technologies and materials (high quality plastics, plywood, cardboard, plexiglass, various polymers and many more), that allows you to achieve impressive results in a relatively short period of time
  • Building Information Model (BIM) is  a radical new approach in the architectural and civil engineering, consists in the creation of computer model of building, representing  all information about the future object. Our company began to use BIM as main planning method in 2006 in the development of  youth crisis centre in Saratov. Construction of virtual model of building, including all utility lines was made based on software product ArchiCAD.

    Benefits of BIM-technologies:
    Reduction of planning terms;
    Cost reduction for the project implementation;
    Productivity growth of work thanks to ease of information obtaining;
    Enhancing of the coherence;
    Availability of concrete information about the producers of materials, quantity characteristics for the evaluation and tender action.
  • Eco-architecture is not just a new-fangled tradition and a tribute to the time. If to think globally, eco-architecture is a new lifestyle and thinking, diametrically opposed to generally accepted.
    All eco-construction reposes on so called «green» technologies: when for the creation of healthy and comfort conditions  of life will be used different natural factors. «Green» technologies include bionic arhitecture, when wildlife life and forms will be used in the planning ; use of alternate sources of energy, such as  sun, wind and water energy; use of environmentally friendly materials, mostly natural materials, which forms healthy microclimate in the house and do not damage the environment in their recycling.
    Economic issue is at the first place. Passive or energy-efficient house is a house with low power consumption. The house is to be arranged in such a way, that to lose as little as possible the heat. You would agree, it is of current interest for Russia  with its  hazardous weather conditions in winter and autumn.