Why to choose eco-style?

Making your home environmentally safe is a reasonable and practical solution. Eco-friendly buildings are characterized by impeccable functionality, neat appearance, and a beneficial effect on the environment. "Green" housing looks spectacular, while allowing you to save money. In addition, eco-architecture is directly related to innovation.

In terms of modern housing, aesthetics are not far behind practicality. Eco-design does not have to be a template. There are many ways to make your home more environmentally friendly:

1. Modification of home systems: energy-efficient home appliances, programmable heating / cooling systems and cost-effective low-consumption plumbing equipment.

2. Recycling of materials: wooden beams and aluminum wall cladding.

3. . Use of natural materials : wood (wall panels), clay (tile roof), stone (floor covering).


The best solution that will make your home worthy of a glossy magazine cover is to order a project from experienced architects and interior designers. This will provide an opportunity for professional selection of environmentally friendly products, which, thanks to the scale and range of choice, you will surely like.

One of the most attractive advantages of choosing green housing is that utility costs and construction costs are significantly lower. In a recent study conducted by one of the major US national laboratories, unexpected details came to light: the cost of utilities in environmentally efficient buildings is reduced by 15%! The reason is that they consume 25% less electricity and 11% less water, emit 34% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and their cost to owners is 19% cheaper.


Thanks to eco-architecture, innovative technologies are emerging in the world. Given that the eco-architecture is becoming a stable trend, this relationship will definitely continue its development in the future. Examples confirming this fact are found everywhere! !



Unusual residential complex Bosco Verticale in Milan - the world's first "vertical forest". On the two towers of the complex, with a height of 26 floors, approximately 17 thousand plants, covering the facade of the building, are located. They not only decorate the exterior of buildings and cool the complex, but also absorb dust and carbon dioxide.



Port of Portland in Oregon is equipped with an amazing "living machine" - a system for collecting waste water: for filtering waste water and re-use it for technical purposes using plants and microorganisms. The complex is remarkable for its reflective roof and geothermal heating system.


For many eco-architects, the construction of energy-efficient buildings has become the gold standard. To make a home energy efficient, it is necessary that housing consumes a minimum of energy and resources. This implies the installation of energy-efficient lighting and plumbing equipment. Also, so that the house could generate its own energy, it is possible to equip solar panels or by equipping a green zone on the roof.


If you exactly decided to create autonomous housing, you will need the services of an energy auditor or a specialist who can tell you about all the ways to transform the layout of the house into an environmentally efficient one. As the introduction of eco-technology, do not forget about the benefits of a green certificate confirming the generation of electricity by renewable sources. The organizations issuing this certificate will encourage your efforts financially, and a green certificate will provide your home with a high value in the real estate market.

Eco-architecture is a practical business solution, and the popularity of this area is increasing every year. Such buildings are attractive, equipped with the latest technology, save money and, of course, help to improve the overall environmental background.

Is this not a good reason to think about giving your house such advantages?


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