Use of BIM based on Revit

We began to use Revit in 2011 in the planning and coordination of the construction of administration-production  building  Bosch in Engels as main software for BIM.

The calculations of tender documents were made based on Revit, will be coordinated utility lines and process lines, construction of volume-space frame of building.

The use of BIM based on Revit allowed us  to plan from the ground up, to receive  all approvals, to build and to put put in commission the buildings of different functional purpose on the plant Henkel in city Perm,  with total area 20 000 m2 for 12 months.

The object will be planned, as a whole and change of one parameter leads to automatically change  of others, connected with him parameters and objects,  up to drawings, visualizations, specifications and graphic schedule. It allows to create the most compact and  highly-accurate engineering solutions and  architectural and civil solutions and to make the installation in strict accordance with the virtual model.
The result of  BIM-Modelling of building is a complex computer model, which describes  both the object itself, and  process of its construction according to international standards, it allows us to plan and to built   all over the world.
BIM-Modelling is  mandatory in many countries at the design and construction of  State property.