Concept of «public interior»  has extreme capacity, because it includes a wide range of objects : from interiors of public institutions (starting from offices of social services and ending with front interiors of Kremlin ) to  interiors of commercial real estate (from flower small shops to  Lux-class apartments of hotel).

Quality design of office, cafe, restaurant and other public interior is based on  long marketing analysis of  impact psychology  of atmosphere of building on subconscious of visitors, knowledge of coloristics and interiors architectonic, psychological and physiological effect of color, laws of  ergonomic equipment location.

Interiors design of public places  was identified right  as one of the most complex directions.  In the planning process is necessary to  create an image, which will meet requirements  not only customer, but also determined social group with the clear understanding, which tasks interior has to perform and  which goals client wants to reach with this interior.

Our services include  planning of offices,  restaurants, shops, public places,  sports institutions, entrance groups. We are based in our interiors  not only  on the aesthetic side, norms and constructive proposals, first and foremost, we work out the project based on business  specific characteristics of concrete customer.