Eco-architecture is not just a new-fangled tradition and a tribute to the time. If to think globally, eco-architecture is a new lifestyle and thinking, diametrically opposed to generally accepted.
All eco-construction reposes on so called «green» technologies: when for the creation of healthy and comfort conditions  of life will be used different natural factors. «Green» technologies include bionic arhitecture, when wildlife life and forms will be used in the planning ; use of alternate sources of energy, such as  sun, wind and water energy; use of environmentally friendly materials, mostly natural materials, which forms healthy microclimate in the house and do not damage the environment in their recycling.
Economic issue is at the first place. Passive or energy-efficient house is a house with low power consumption. The house is to be arranged in such a way, that to lose as little as possible the heat. You would agree, it is of current interest for Russia  with its  hazardous weather conditions in winter and autumn.