Conception of  environmental design of house or flat underlines  the wish to  appreciate and to save the wish of owners that gives a person the surrounding world. That's why ecodesign is not only a direction in interior design, but whole philosophy. Philosophy is focused on protest against depletion of natural resources, support of ecological purity and safety.
Eco-design in interior is very popular and wil be widely used. For the arrangement is suitable both flat, cottage, and chill-out in the office (rest area) and even conference room. Basic principle of eco-design is  naturalness in everything. That's why there aren't  wood chip board, plastic and chrome-plated metal in the furniture and pieces of decor. The right materials is an important component of eco-design,  have to be  to the maximum eco-friendly and natural: wood, stone, bamboo, cork, silk, flax, rattan.