Industrial models – models of plants, factories, industrial complexes, construction facilities, production facilities, as well as various equipment, machines, facilities and so on.
Industrial models will be made for the following purposes:
    On the presentation: model allows clearly to demonstrate features and possibilities of the production. An attractive presentation with use of model has more advantages and  helps to attract new investors.
    Participation in the exhibition or in the competition: model attracts the attention of audience and jury at once, it helps to present favorably the company and to improve company image.
    Advertising:  the model is the best way to visualize products. Potential customers can consider the advantages of equipment or complex in detail with its help.
    Teaching: use of the teaching models  makes  it significantly easier difficult materials for perceiving during seminars or lectures.
Industrial models are the most complex,  taking into consideration the production, that's why  for their creation will be attracted  only experienced specialists.
All products will be made in the modern technologies (including 3D milling) accordance with Customer’s wishes.